Bev Standish and I served together on the Board of Directors for “Cascade SIGGRAPH”. It is a privilege to share with you some thoughts and observations in her regard.

Bev has an amazing passion for computer graphics, music, learning and teaching the creative process. She is as comfortable and confident composing a score for film as she is creating CG imagery.

Technically, Bev possesses that wonderful combination of artistic talent/sensibility coupled with critical thinking and problem solving skills. Her mind is always “on”. Bev’s 3D CG skills run the gamut; she is adept at modeling and then animating, (both character and hard surface objects), creating and rendering backgrounds, scientific visualization, motion graphics, and, if expertise in music and computer graphics weren’t enough, she can draw really well to boot!

Bev also possesses lots and lots of personal and professional integrity, wit, charm and such a playful sense of fun. In the true meaning of the word, Bev is delightful. Any project would be improved by her presence, participation and influence. Bev is masterful in her talent and ability to discover and bring out the best when working along side people. An awesome, multifaceted individual, I give Bev my highest recommendation.less”

Kathleen O’Reilly
Content Producer at Dawson Media Group


“To Whom it May Concern:

Bev Standish of Digital Elf Studios has asked me to write a letter of recommendation for her, which I am happy to do. I have known Bev for many years, but it was only in March of 2007 that we reconnected for business purposes. Upon contacting Bev regarding some recording I needed to do for a project (knowing her long-time activities as a professional musician) I discovered that she had expanded beyond her musical interests into computer animation. We embarked on a project involving a 3D anatomy lesson of the female pelvic soft tissue anatomy for a DVD I am producing. By any estimation, this is probably the most difficult part of the anatomy to understand and illustrate. First, she created a female pelvis, which has an incredibly complex shape. Working from a variety of drawings and actual pelvic models, Bev was able to create a computer model of the pelvis, quite a feat. Next, we worked for many months on constructing various soft tissue parts in 3D. For most of these, she only had my description to go on, as there are not very many textbooks that illustrate how these parts look in life.

During this challenging project I have found Bev to be delightful to work with. She has been willing and capable in learning new skills and techniques to apply to this project. She listens well, has been extremely patient with my constant revisions and refinements, and has worked hard to get every detail right. She has a remarkable grasp of the software and excellent visualization skills. Her ability to take what I tell her and transform it into something on the screen is truly amazing. As a result, I have a high quality and uniquely detailed product that is almost ready to go to market.

I can highly recommend Bev for any project you might wish to undertake in the realm of computer modeling and animation. In addition she has sophisticated knowledge of music, computer-related audio techniques and quality audio equipment to work with. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have other questions.”

Anne Frye
Labrys Press

5728 NE Oregon St.
Portland, OR 97213


“To Whom It May Concern:

I am extremely impressed with Bev Standish (Digital Elf Studios). I have contracted with Bev on a number of video projects. She is extremely creative and takes the initiative to make suggestions, frequently coming up with solutions and ideas I hadn’t considered. She is always pleasant to work with and completes projects in a timely manner. I appreciate that she also has knowledge of video, which saves me explaining my needs and concerns. On several occasions she has offered me solutions to editing problems I have encountered.

I produced a 10 min. video of thousands of birds swirling in unison against a beautiful sunset. I knew the music would be extremely important and contracted with Bev to write/produce an instrumental accompaniment. She picked up on the mood and timing perfectly which greatly enhanced the video

Her animation work is very creative with lots of attention to detail. I produced a video for United Way where I used green screen for several scenes. Bev designed a 3-D set for a newsroom providing me with many options for lighting and shadows. She did hard surface modeling for elements such as an animated United Way thermometer and a textured map. She did organic modeling to animate the United Way logo. This involved the hand opening and the logo standing up. This idea was an example of Bev’s initiative. I loved it but would never have visualized it.

I can recommend Bev’s music composition and animation services without reservation.”

Jane Scott
Jane Scott Video Productions


“I highly recommend Bev Standish for any 3d animation needs or music composition needs you may have. She is dedicated, thorough and very nice to work with. She is also a wonderful music and animation teacher, as my children have been taking lessons from her for the last 3 years. Bev is an extremely creative individual with many talents. I would definitely recommend Bev for any upcoming projects that you may have.”

Leslie Baird
Independent Media Design Professional


“I have the pleasure of serving on the Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH board with Beverly Standish, in our capacities as chair (myself) and secretary (Bev). I am fortunate to share professional interests and association and have often been pleasantly surprised and delighted by her professionalism, enthusiasm for computer graphics and knack for working with people.

After she stepped up to hold the reins of SIGGRAPH’s fledgling membership, she demonstrated initiative and responsibility to find an application that could be used for administrative purposes, complete a feature-length live motion and originally animated movie, establish working relationships with well-respected CG luminaries. Her team leadership is evident in her ability to both blend-in with rock stars of the insdustry and encourage and mentor beginning learners.

I respect Bev’s work, determination and positive energy. I would recommend her CG skills for instructional design, medical modeling and 3D illustration, musical scores that accompany animation, corporate training, and the gamut of modeling and animation production in movie, gaming and multimedia horizontal markets. Her skills range over such a vast area of expertise that her unique gift is her ability to move in many areas; to understand multiple applications and communicate effectively with team members of all types. She is a people-person with many technical and training skills to bring to the table.

Feel free to contact me regarding my recommendation of Beverly Standish, 503-367-1522.”

Demetra Gilmore Arnett, MS
Chair, Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH, Instructor, Visual Design, ITT Technical Institute,
Information Architect, Ruby Ray Design
phone: 503.367.1522